07/09/2014 21:51

Nutritional Medicine On The Horizon

   Malnutrition has become one of the most serious problems of our generation. It is inevitable that through our dietary abuse problems, we are plagued by enormous suffering caused by the way we feed ourselves. For most of us, it takes a great deal to admit that through our lack of interest in our own bodies, we are slowly bringing ourselves to the point of extinction. 

    One important aspect that prompted my healing from Lyme disease was the dietary changes I made. Though there was a time in previous years when I could escape with a poor diet, it was a matter of time before my body would begin to communicate to me through various symptoms. Unfortunately by the time I realized that, an illness was already progressing which my immune system could not guard against. This caused quite a disruption in my life and gave me a pretty loud wake-up call. Though it was a distressing journey, it also allowed me to learn a great deal about the body's ability to heal through my food choices. This stirred an unparalleled interest and a deep hunger for studying all aspects of nutritional medicine and I have been persuing this venue ever since I reached full recovery.   

   Sadly, the pharmaceutical industry has masked the value of nutritional medicine by promoting a 'band-aid' solution which promises quick results to suffering individual. Traditional doctors who generally lack nutritional training have convinced us to believe that once an illness strikes, we are to deal with it using prescription medication or surgery to ease our discomforts. Now, I'll remind you of the time when I had to take antibiotics long term. I hated to deal with the side effects - BUT it was an absolute necessity for the type of infection I was fighting. Pharmaceuticals do have their place and I am thankful for their availability when needed. However, prescription drugs target only a narrow margin where healing is concerned and yield short term results before the onset of unpleasant side-effects surface. Mainstream medicine does not emphasize on poor dietary choices as a major cause of many health disorders. The next time you see your GP, try to inquire about your nutritional needs. You can be assured at the lack of compliancy from your doctor.  Think about it - how can a rushed visit with your doctor give you a good understanding of why you've become symptomatic? In today’s society, we have left our health battles in the hands of traditional doctors who are given the final authority in regards to our diagnosis; we leave their offices defeated with a slip of paper in hand hoping that it will solve our problems. Bottom line - Pharmaceuticals and surgery alone do not correct an illness. 

    When the body displays signs of imbalance, various symptoms begin to emerge in an effort to let us know that a change needs to happen.  Though unpleasant at times, symptoms play a crucial role in communicating to us when the body is struggling to auto-repair and is asking for assistance.  For many, it is easier to ignore these signals rather than to learn of their cause. When these signals are neglected over time, disease is birthed and the true challenges of an illness begin. Unfortunately, the road to recovery becomes more difficult in a diseased state and often requires a multi-dimensional approach to oversee the complications. Surprisingly, most people do not make the obvious connection between malnutrition and their illnesses and will continue to blame everything from their genetics to their busy lifestyles while they silence their symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs. This negligent approach leads to a dangerous deficit in their nutrient status and a continued deterioration of their body systems and organs.

    More than ever, It has become apparent  that we as a society have been led amiss by those we entrust our health to.  Through lack of education by our health superiors, we have lost complete vision of what is healing and what is impairing. For this reason, I feel an immense awakening and responsibility towards each individual who seeks to revive their passion for healthy living and improved quality of life.  I strongly believe in disease prevention through nutritional medicine so the challenges of an illness can be avoided altogether. We need to learn to look at good nutrition, not as a means to stop our diseases, but as a tool to create our own immunity and overall good health. While we have access to a wide range of effective medical treatments, our healing mechanisms cannot fully be activated unless we begin to ingest wholesome, natural nutrients which are the building blocks of our health. My wish is that the doctors of our generation will take on a precedented approach to educating, inspiring, and applying wellness to ALL individuals deserving maximum health.