06/01/2014 02:30

An Unexpected Journey

    In late 2009, I began a very unexpected journey that would lead me to a somber place where despair, mysery, and agony prevailed.  My beautiful world collapsed abruptly as I watched my existence shrivel up along with everything that was dear to me.

    Before I was to partake of such a venture, my reality had depicted a different picture; I would wake up many mornings overjoyed by life's pleasant surprises. Having married my one and only love at the tender age of 19, I knew I had set out on a remarkable adventure ahead. Three short years later, our family was complete with the arrival of our beautiful daughters. Being a stay-at-home mom, I could not have asked for anything more fulfilling as I devoted those early years to their upbringing. Following those joyous years, our family was approached with a unique business opportunity which prompted us to relocate in Kelowna, BC — also known as “The Summer City” of Canada, situated in the Okanagan Valley. It was the most ideal place to raise our girls having settled in a lakeshore community which offered endless outdoor recreation. Our new home was constantly filled with friends, laughter, music and celebrations.   

    With the financial momentum that soon followed came the dream vacations we had talked much about, and we found ourselves travelling to new and exciting destinations.  We had finally reached a calm space in our day to day life, but nothing could have prepared us enough for what was to come—especially me!—by the time I had reached my 30th birthday…

    I had always thought of myself as a fairly “healthy” person. With the exception of a few ER trips for severe morning sickness, and the effortless delivery of my babies, I never sought hospitalization. Friends often questioned why I never got sick and managed to eat anything in sight without negative consequences. I did however, make up for those guilty pleasures by maintaining a rigirous cardio routine and enjoyed the convenience of a home gym. While I often struggled to maintain control over my spirited children who from time to time drove me to insanity,  life was fairly stress-free.

    My world though, was about to change drastically after my husband and I returned home from a magical Caribbean cruise where we celebrated our anniversary with vow renewals overlooking St. Maarten.  It was a beautiful milestone leading up to ten years of blissful togetherness. Our love was deepened - our marriage strengthened. We were excited for the future and eager to see our dreams and aspirations unfold. 


                                                                         St. Maarten

    Some weeks later, I felt an odd premonition that left me puzzled and quite apprehensive. The sensation was rather subtle and yet very present.  Given my healthy background, I didn't give any thought to what I was feeling and simply resorted to the idea that perhaps it was all in my head. 

(If only!)...my life took a wrong turn heading straight for a dead end and I was about to drive off a ravine to face my new fate.