After a debilitating and fierce battle with Lyme disease, I have finally reached a place of restoration where health and wellness surround me once again. My recovery has sparked an immense devotion for nutritional medicine and through this triumph, I have dedicated myself as a holistic nutritionist to educate individuals who struggle with day-to-day and chronic health issues related to Lyme disease, digestion, allergies, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue and weight gain, to name a few. 

Modern society is awakening to an indispensable interest in natural nutrition that encompasses the characteristics of food and its key elements—the answer to unsurpassed health. In this movement towards personal freedom, today’s individual recognizes that he is what he eats and only he can take responsibility for his health. Food has two consequences: it heals or impairs. Long term health cannot be attained by quick fixes or fad diets, but rather through sustainable change that continually empowers one's health. The body is an amazing entity designed to perform its own natural healing mechanisms to restore and maintain wellness when given the right tools. Awareness of the simplicity of our nutritional needs will inevitably lead to collective health and ultimately—disease prevention. My mission is to help you tap into your innate inner healing power and help you reclaim your vitality and wholeness using a multifaceted approach through dietary guidelines, supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations that optimize your well-being.                             


Together in health,

Susie Ponici, R.H.N.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


 "The road to better health will not be found through more drugs, doctors and hospitals. Instead it will be discovered through better nutrition and changes in lifestyles."

   William Crook, MD


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